Top 4 Best CrossFit Shoes for Women in 2018

Best CrossFit Shoes for Women:

Cross fit exercise is right now a trending thing in all around the world. At first, people like army, police etc. are doing this kind of cross fit exercise. But right now, a lot of people including women participate in this exercise just to remain extremely fit. But, now the question is that where we can find the Best CrossFit Shoes for Women? There are a variety of brands in the market. So, it is difficult for an ordinary person to choose the best shoes among them. But don’t worry, in this discussion, I will give you some tips to choose the best cross fit shoes for you.

What is crossfit exercise?

Cross fit is kind of exercise that helps someone to push their ordinary limit. This program will give you high-intensity training. Many people are doing exercise on a regular basis to lose weight and stay fit. But, it takes a long period of time to lose weight by doing these normal exercises. But cross fit exercise is not like that. This exercise is programmed in such a way that it will provide some exquisite workout. These workouts are designed as a way to help it’s users to cross their body limits in the best possible way.

Why we need crossfit shoes:

From the very beginning, Shoes has always remained a partner of a human being. We can’t think of our day to day activities without the help of shoes. As the time passes on, we don’t wear shoes for only walking but also various purposes. In this modern world, people are so much conscious about their health. Everyone tries their best to remain healthy and fit. Nowadays, a person does physical exercise not only to stay healthy but also looks attractive. Women’s are also participating in the race. In recent times, they are becoming more and more health conscious. A larger amount of women are regularly attending gym or any organization related to physical activities. There are several types of exercises for example running, walking, swimming etc. Besides, a lot of young people go to the gym regularly. They do participate in a lot of activities like squatting, lifting, pushups etc. In order to perform all these exercises, we need support for our feet. Shoes are one of the best supports for performing our tasks. That’s why; there are different types and shapes of shoes on the market. One must wear perfect shoes in order to perform the proper physical exercise. Cross fit is one of the exercises among them. Cross fit exercise includes gymnastics, weightlifting, running rowing etc. So, we need the best match able cross fit shoes for this kind of workout. But how can we recognize which are the best CrossFit shoes for women ? Worried? Don’t worry. I will give you the tips how one can choose the best pair of shoes.

How to ensure the best quality shoes:

 This is the first and one of the most important criteria’s. Because when anyone doing any kind of weightlifting exercises, he must need proper support. So, the inner shape of a shoe must be strong and protective. So, whenever you want to buy a shoe, you must keep in mind about the shape.


Right, you got it correct. There are different types of exercises where women can participate. So, first of all, you have to find your own thing. You have to choose which exercise suits you. If you are doing running exercise then you have to choose a pair of shoes that are not so heavy. Because it will create a lot of trouble for you while walking. As you all know that cross fit is a kind of bulky exercise. So, you have to lift and pull a lot of weight. That’s why; you need a pair of shoes that are heavier and with a solid inner sole.


It seems funny though, but it’s one of the most important features while choosing the right pair of shoes for women. From scientific studies, we have come to know that there are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in our feet.  Our body naturally produces half of the point of dampness every day. So, if your pair of shoes is not enough breathable then it will create slip able situation for you. One of the additional benefits of breathable shoes is that it prevents the user from becoming the victim of any kind of bacterial attacks. So, choosing breathable shoes is a must for avoiding any kind of injuries.


The fourth standard is weight. That’s an important prerequisite for doing cross fit exercise. You must ensure whether your shoes are too light or too heavy. You have to choose this kind of shoes with your own type of bearing capacity. Sometimes, you have to jump to grab a rope. In this case, you need a proper backup. That’s why; you have to choose shoes with strong instep ability. If you need to lift some heavy weights then you must wear a light pair of cross fit shoes


Cross fit exercise is not like the other ordinary exercises. It takes a lot of load for this kind of exercise. You have to do various kinds of activities at a time. It will create a huge amount of friction from the exercises. So, it will have a demolishing effect on the soles of your shoes. So, these are the prerequisites that you must follow before buying a cross fit shoe. So, I think that you have got a proper idea of how to choose the perfect pair of cross fit shoes. But there are different brands of shoes available in the market.

Which brands are best for you?

So, which brand is perfect for you? That’s the question. Don’t worry, I will show you some best brands right now available in the market. These brands are best crossFit shoes for women:

PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoes:


 This brand is one of the best brands right now available in the market. This type of shoes is so much comfortable for working women. Sometimes, working women forget to wear their casual shoes returning from the gym. This brand is so comfortable that it gives them amazing comfort during their working hours.  This brand has a rubber outsole. This rubber outsole provides proper traction and durability to users.



Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 7.0 Track Shoes:


 This brand is famous for its durability. No matter, how much pressure you put on the shoes, it will always give you proper support and backup. Besides, it serves as a great supplemental which doing lifting and cardio exercises. It provides amazing service for the rope climbers. They feel so comfortable and relaxed with this brand.




RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoes:


The best thing about this brand is the light weight of these amazing shoes. Their cushioning is great. It helps your feet become so supportive and comfortable. The pair of shoes of this brand is so much breathable. It prevents your feet from producing sweat. So, you won’t slip whenever doing any heavy weight lifting or other exercises.



Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 195 Cross-Trainer Shoes:


The best part about these shoes is its sole is so much stable and strong. If you are running on a treadmill or doing squat exercise, you won’t lose your balance. You can also use these shoes for bike riding because of its rubberized toe and a thin sole.



Summing up, I want to say that we all love our life. That’s why; we do different types of physical activities to keep ourselves healthy and strong. Cross fit is an excellent exercise that helps you to push your limits. And choosing the best crossFit shoes for women will help them to achieve their desired health goal.